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James Cameron’s Deep Sea Dive

Published on March 26, 2012

I remember growing up and watching the Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau. Between that and reading the adventures of Tom Swift Jr. and His Jetmarine, I became fascinated by adventures related to the exploration of the oceans and the discovery of new creatures and their habitats. That sense was rekindled this past weekend as James […]

Extinction within Creation

Published on February 10, 2012

The year 2011 saw a number of species go into extinction. These include among others, the western black rhinoceros. Others are in danger as well. On  Friday, Oct 28, 2011 USA Today ran and article entitled, “Extinct in 20 Years?” “Tigers, Lions, Cheetahs, extinct in 20 years? In response to that prospect, the National Geographic launched its […]

Frankenfish Salmon

Published on October 4, 2010

So, what do you think of the genetically modified salmon that has been nicknamed Frankenfish? Various news agencies reported last week that the company AquaBounty is asking the FDA to approve as safe the farm raised genetically modified salmon. It apparently grows much faster and much larger (2-3 times) than your average salmon. See the […]

It’s Out!

Published on October 1, 2010

A month ago or so, I mentioned that a “small catechism” version (about thirty pages or so) of Together With All Creatures: Caring for God’s Living Earth appeared in time for our church’s National Youth Gathering (on right and below). Well, this past week the “large catechism” version (on left) is now out and has […]

Great Overview

Published on September 16, 2010

As a systematician, I like the big picture. I like to see how all the individual pieces fit into the entire picture. It helps me to grasp—as much as I can—what’s going on. That’s partly why the field of ecology intrigues me as well. I bring this up because at times I find that it […]