This is Too Cool!

Maybe it’s a guy thing. Maybe its a childhood memory thing. Maybe its a Robinson Crusoe thing (or was it the Disney version, namely, the Swiss Family Robinson movie). I don’t know. But tree houses are cool. Always have been. And so when I found this slideshow about eleven tree houses from around the world I was smitten. These are exceptionally nice. In some ways, they might be too nice for tree houses. Then again, maybe not. Talk about a retreat! So how do I suggest to my wife that for retirement, we build a tree house?

3 Responses to “This is Too Cool!”

  1. Eric Robinson Says:

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    Wow. If those things have some kind of plumbing and an internet connection, I think I’d be very comfortable there. That looks awesome.

  2. arandc Says:

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    Glad you liked them. I couldn’t agree with you more. They kind of reminded me of a real world version of the way Lothlorien looked in the Lord of the Rings movie. Well, we can at least dream…. Good to hear from you Eric. Hope all is going well!

  3. David Peter Says:

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    This summer I have pledged to build a treehouse for my sons in an old maple in our back yard. This slide show gives me some models to which I can aspire, although I suspect ours will be much more modest! Thanks for calling my attention to these!

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