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summercj10coverThe summer issue of the Concordia Journal (published by the faculty of Concordia Seminary) has just come out and its centered on the theme of “Caring for God’s Groaning Earth.”  It’s a terrific issue (of course, I am a bit biased). In addition, it provides a balance Biblical approach to the topic. It doesn’t say everything that could be said but does chart out some directions that we need to pursue.

Its contents include “The Cathedral of Creation” (by President Dale Meyer), “Caring for God’s Groaning Earth” (by yours truly), Yahweh versus Marduk: Creation Theology in Isaiah 40-55” (by Dr. Reed Lessing), “Good Stuff? The Material Creation and the Christian Faith” (by Pastor Mark Surburg), “Getting our Bearings: Wendell Berry and Christian Understanding” (by Pastor Joel Kurz), and “Getting up to Speed: What Should I Read” (by yours truly and Beth Hoeltke).

Contact the office of the Concordia Journal, Concordia Seminary, 801 Seminary Place, Clayton, MO 63105. Also check out,

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